Bringing Joy to Denmark

The core of Dansk Cater A/S

Dansk Cater A/S is a holding company for a number of food service companies, which sell and distribute food and non-food items to professional kitchens all over Denmark. Our departments deliver high-quality products to all kinds of kitchens and eateries from the smallest hot dog stand to some of the country's largest canteens, hotels and restaurants.

Served with a Smile

Denmark's leading foodservice company 

Dansk Cater A/S ranks among the largest food service companies in Scandinavia. We employ more than 1800 qualified experts ranging from warehouse food packers over truck drivers to highly trained consultants. All distribution is carried out by our own fleet of approximately 300 special-build trucks.

Dansk Cater is part of The Euro Cater Group, which was founded in 2006 and consists of Dansk Cater and Svensk Cater. Find more information about Euro Cater or its affiliates in the following links.


Online Ordering & Personal Contact

Online ordering and personal guidance

We know that time is sparse in a modern, professional kitchen. This is why we have made sure that our customers can place their orders at our continuously updated web stores at their leisure. Through our online platforms, we offer reliable web shops for placing orders, inspirational areas with numerus recipies, themes and guides as well as extensive information regarding our more than 50,000 products.

While offering a great number of online possibilities, we know the importance of being able to reach your food service partner in person. This is why Dansk Cater's companies employ more than 100 highly-trained consultants all over Denmark. These passionate food experts are available for all customers looking for advice on new products, menus or logistics regarding our products. We aim to help our customers build better, stronger businesses.